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Kita Wujudkan, Sekarang.

HartLogic began in 2012 as technology, content, and event consultant to help entrepreneurs in taking opportunities and solving problems. In 2016, HartLogic made a transformation by providing broader services through content, event, community, incubator, consulting, and ventures. In 2020, HartLogic merges incubator, consulting, and ventures into HartLogic Enterprise, start HartLogic Foundation in the context of philanthropy to provide fair opportunities, and form a centralized super app named HaLo HartLogic.

HartLogic has the vision to support entrepreneurs around the world. With the mission of creating new connections, enabling collaborations, improving personal skills, providing knowledge, and building companies. “Kita Wujudkan, Sekarang.” is the HartLogic tagline which is the basis for Hartroopers in carrying out all activities. As an entrepreneurship platform, HartLogic helps entrepreneurs to start, launch, develop, sustainable, and expand because everything we do is driven by this question: How can we provide the best support for entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship is not just a business. If all businessman is an entrepreneur, then they will make a sustainable one and support equal opportunities for everyone.

Since its establishment, HartLogic has been aimed at supporting entrepreneurs.
We are an independent organization with independent finance, uphold justice, care about intellectual property, do not use confusing definitions, and believe that entrepreneurship is more than business.

Entrepreneurship means always innovating to survive, spending hours on what you believe in, and most importantly remaining steadfast in motivating yourself while enjoying the process of solving challenges to realizing that dream.”
– Bernhart Farras, President of HartLogic

HartLogic Enterprise

Building Entrepreneurship
HartLogic supports business by Incubator, Consulting, and Ventures.
HartLogic Enterprise registered under the name of PT HartLogic Bangun Indonesia.

HartLogic Foundation

Impact of Entrepreneurship
HartLogic create fair opportunities without taking personal advantage.
HartLogic Foundation registered under the name HaLo Bantu Dunia Foundation.

HartLogic Incubator

HaLo HartLogic

A Super App for Entrepreneur
HartLogic form a centralized super app to provides single access.