HartLogic is an entrepreneurship platform which supports the entrepreneurs around the world by creating, building, and developing entrepreneurs.

“HartLogic is intended to supports entrepreneurs.
We are independent, care with intellectual property, not using confusing definition
and believe that entrepreneurship is more than business.

Entrepreneurship is about innovating to survive, to spend hours on the thing that you believe,
and the most important is to enjoy the process to realize that dream.”
– Bernhart Farras, President of HartLogic

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Idea Sharing

Get inspired by reading, listening to, or watching quality content.

Our content can be used as a reference, insight, motivation or to find new ideas while pursuing your entrepreneurial journey.

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Only consuming HartLogic Idea Sharing content online is certainly not enough to meet our needs as entrepreneurs.

HartLogic organizes inspirational events to encourage you directly by facilitating and enabling connections.



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HartLogic Is Creating A Global Entrepreneurs, That Delivers Transformational Ideas. For Any Idea.
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HartLogic is Developing A Global Consulting, To Provide Solution. For All Problems.
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HartLogic is Building A Global Ventures, That Turn Human Dreams Into Reality. For Multiple Purposes.
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