We’re all over the globe, and we encourage you to pursue available opportunities wherever you are or would like to go. Want to try operations in Indonesia? We’ve got that. Research in Bandung or entrepreneurship centers in Jakarta? We have those, too. And our sales, marketing, and services offices are just about everywhere. There are interesting opportunities everywhere, dig a little deeper on this page and find out where you can do what you like to do.

HartLogic HQ (Headquarters)

As a global company, HartLogic is organized into geographic regions. Each area has a headquarters that serves as the hub for regional activities, including sales, business development, and marketing. The international HQ is located in Indonesia. Generally, you’ll find finance, human resources, sales, software engineers, designer and management positions in HartLogic headquarters.

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IT centers

The engineers and solution managers in our IT centers and datacenters design, deploy, manage, troubleshoot, and support HartLogic’s global IT infrastructure. Our work impacts millions of users through a service like solution, foundation, and ventures. We support entrepreneurs and Hartroopers through our own internal IT operations.

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Operation centers

We process the millions of transactions that keep HartLogic running smoothly. We’re responsible for software manufacturing and fulfillment, electronic software distribution, volume licensing, and other logistical support activities. We also manage channel partner and customer contracts, train and pay employees, and invoice customers and partners.

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Research labs

The top minds in computing and the social sciences call our research labs home. Our work environment is friendly and collaborative, yet focused and intense, and we actively cooperate across labs. That means you’ll have the opportunity to experience and participate in advances coming out of our labs all over the world.

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User Service centers

HartLogic User Service centers are responsible for consulting. A one-stop place for your business improvements. We choose the closest location to our users to be able to use our services and help us understand their needs.

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Incubation centers

In Hartlogic incubation centers, founders—including mentor, hustler, hipster, and hacker—are busy solving problems and develop a business that will create opportunities for millions of people worldwide. We’re working on new releases of the solutions you already know and incubating ideas for business you may not have imagined. The workplace is dynamic and high-tech yet casual.

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Entrepreneurship centers

HartLogic entrepreneurship center is the first place to experience entrepreneurship. It’s responsible for student management and personal development. The offices operate as independent subsidiaries. We choose the closest location to our users to be able to use our services and help us understand their needs.

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