HartLogic is an entrepreneurship platform. We support entrepreneurs through Foundation, Enterprise, and Pranala. HartLogic Foundation rises in the context of philanthropy to provide fair opportunities by building a sustainable ecosystem, program, and initiatives. HartLogic Enterprise supports business with incubator, consulting, and ventures. Pranala, super application that provides a centralized service for entrepreneurs by HartLogic.

HartLogic has the vision to support entrepreneurs around the world. With the mission of creating new connections, enabling collaborations, improving personal skills, providing knowledge, and building companies. “Kita Wujudkan, Sekarang.” is the HartLogic tagline which is the basis for Hartroopers in carrying out all activities. As an entrepreneurship platform, HartLogic helps entrepreneurs to start, launch, develop, sustainable, and expand because everything we do is driven by this question: How can we provide the best support for entrepreneurs?

At HartLogic, we believe “entrepreneurship is not just a business. If all businessman is an entrepreneur, then they will make a sustainable one and support equal opportunities for everyone.” – Bernhart Farras, President and Founder HartLogic

  • effort / n activities by exerting energy, mind, or body to achieve a purpose; work (deeds, initiatives, endeavors, efforts) to achieve something: a variety – he has gone through to make ends meet; – improve the quality of education;
  • try / v do a business; work hard (to achieve something); endeavor; effortless: he hides his tears; they ~ achieved satisfying results
  • try / v find the effort; endeavored: he tried unity, but failed; he ~ the progress of his organization; doing (rice fields, land, etc.); organizing or carrying out activities in the field of trade (companies by): farmers are trying to dry land to be planted with crops; they can only afford ~ ​​small shops and small shops; organize (in the sense of taking care of and regulating): they intend ~ vocational courses; make; do; run: The government has ~ book packages
  • company / n activities (work and so on) that are carried out with equipment or in an orderly manner with the aim of making a profit
  • businessman / n people who work on it
  • exploitation / n process, method, act of doing, organizing, and so on
  • entrepreneurship / management / n subtleties of entrepreneurs; matters relating to entrepreneurs
  • platform / n place to put, store something
  • accommodating / me · wa · forehead / v accommodates in a platform
  • business / n commercial business in the world of commerce; business fields; trading business
  • business people / n people who are commercially engaged in the world of commerce; people doing business

HartLogic Facts


Other Information

HartLogic began in 2012 as technology, content, and event consultant to help entrepreneurs in taking opportunities and solving problems. In 2016, HartLogic made a transformation by providing broader services through insights, event, community, incubator, consulting, and ventures. In 2020, HartLogic merges incubator, consulting, and ventures into HartLogic Enterprise, start HartLogic Foundation in the context of philanthropy to provide fair opportunities, and form a centralized super app named Pranala.

HartLogic was born in 2012 out in Bernhart Farras Sukandar’s bedroom, combined with his observation of a powerful convergence among three fields: technology, communication, and art. Starting from his previous clothes manufacturing business called Java Indonesia Clothes (JIClothes, transformed into samemiro) who has a problem with innovation in branding for creating a website.

Before HartLogic

JIClothes already operated since 2010 and have approximately hundreds of clients. In 2011 JIClothes, creates a label tag in every product that has been manufactured. But in 2012 JIClothes needs new innovation, and the website is the answer because back then there are only one popular clothes manufacturing who have a website in Indonesia. Based on that needs Bernhart found a solution to create a website:

  1. Consult with a technology consulting company
  2. Consult with students who could create a website
  3. Do it yourself

He chose the third option, do it yourself. Because the first option is too expensive and the second option couldn’t guarantee the maintenance with a disability to create needed features.

In 2013 some clients are asking what is your technology consulting agency name? (At that time, Bernhart already has an unused domain called HartLogic). Bernhart answer the question with:

It’s called HartLogic Technology

That’s the first time HartLogic name being mentioned! HartLogic Technology with the first purpose to support web creation of JIClothes and helping the small-medium enterprise to have a cheap but premium quality website and technology consultation.

Later on, one of HartLogic client, request to do digital marketing and event management. So this time HartLogic change its name from HartLogic Technology into “HartLogic”. With three consulting services area: Technology, Marketing, and Media.

2012 – 2015

Between 2012 – 2015 while HartLogic being developed as a side business, Bernhart also building several businesses with his friends in the area of education, event, FnB (Food and Beverages), e-commerce, mobile applications and 20 more. He also works in multiple multinational companies in Indonesia and Germany.


Three months before coming back to Indonesia, he challenged himself to research and re-think about the entrepreneurial problem in Indonesia. He doesn’t want to make HartLogic only gaining revenue from supporting established business and not making a big impact on solving the entrepreneurial problem in Indonesia.

Then came up with one question in his mind about “How can I help Indonesian Entrepreneurs to start his/her own business and collaborate with each other?.” Supported by these facts:

  1. Culture:
    • The first is parents support. Most of the parents in Indonesia want their children to become an employee than becoming an entrepreneur. This problem has been a phenomenon in Indonesia, especially for the young generation. The parents want their children to become an employee rather than to become a creator. This is the culture in Indonesia, they think their children should be a professor, doctor, or anything can be named as “profession” and they think that an entrepreneur is not a good profession.
    • Second, the jobs, because of the first point before, most people want to be an employee. So, the interest becomes an employee increase and it is not comparable to the available jobs. So that’s why we need entrepreneurs to create the jobs.
    • Third, patience, most of the people can’t be patient. They want their business is success faster as they can. As the entrepreneur, it can’t be done. They can focus on one business, the more experience the more knowledge that they will earn. Source: HartLogic Research.
  2. Ecosystem: The low amount of entrepreneurs in Indonesia according to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) shows that Indonesia only has 1,65% as entrepreneurs from all the total 250 million people. Source: Kompas.
  3. Collaboration & Competition:
    • The job competition is high, according to Pelaksanaan Harian Deputi Bidang Pelatihan dan Pengembangan BKKBN, Ida Bagus Permana, Indonesia will get the bonus about demography. It is about employee ages which are (15-64) and it reaches 70%. Where is the 30% going? the 30% unproductive people (less 14 ages and above 65 ages) they will increase in 2020-2030.
    • Most young entrepreneurs don’t want to collaborate with each other as entrepreneurs because they think their business is the best and the other are the competitor.
  4. Knowledge & Foundation: Entrepreneur should choose the product that will they sell and some people get confused to choose what will they make or what will they do as an entrepreneur. Skills also affected the entrepreneur, most of the people don’t have any skills when they begin as an entrepreneur. But, if they want to learn more, they will get more skill in business. Afraid to be failed in business. Most of the people think should have much money and can be failed. They think an entrepreneur only can be done by the rich people. most of the people think that the business is expensive. If they want to collaborate with each other, they will earn advantages. They can reduce the cost of production. Source: HartLogic Research.
  5. Research: According to Boediono the Vice President of Indonesia 2009-2014, there are some problems to become an entrepreneur. There is law that affected entrepreneurs, macroeconomic condition in Indonesia is also affected because the entrepreneurs need a stable economy, the infrastructure in Indonesia also have big effect to entrepreneurs because the economic transaction must be effective on transportation, the regulation and the laws in Indonesia that are supporting for entrepreneurs or not, the service of financing for entrepreneurs, and last the skill of the employees. source: sindonews.com

From ” I ” transformed into ” We “. Bernhart immediately evaluates and merges all of his business that possible to be mixed because of the similar service into HartLogic and the other are merged into HartLogic Ventures:

Similar Services:

HartLogic Ventures:

In 2015, after he came back from Germany, he stopped JIClothes and asked for help from several friends while he finishing his engineering bachelor degree thesis, he set a movement to make HartLogic reborn. HartLogic is focusing on managing current ventures while supporting its own platform by developing HartLogic Incubator and HartLogic Start.

From May 2015 to April 2016 HartLogic faced many challenges in the business ecosystem in Indonesia, there’s a little understanding about the business model for the founders and the team of business in Indonesia, especially in Bandung.

Transformation: Entrepreneurship Platform

In May 2016, HartLogic launch HartLogic Official WebsiteHartLogic Brand Website, and HartLogic Organization Website. After we start operational in Bandung from May until December 2016, 98% of HartLogic Team left, the organization almost went closed, but there are only one hartroopers left at HartLogic, and he is Bernhart Farras. He almost gives up with HartLogic but there’s one thing in his mind.

My parents didn’t agree with me when I create HartLogic as main focus of my life and it’s really hard to convince them, but until now even they are not agree with me. I keep building HartLogic anyway and I know that the HartLogic world was not ready and the numbers are not yet worked.

– This is what Bernhart say to convince his own brain with facts and dream to believe in HartLogic.

After that transformed HartLogic vision from supporting business to Supporting Entrepreneurs Around The World and we change the business model from a consulting agency and business incubator to entrepreneurship platform. Then HartLogic focuses on doing more research, testing and building MVP in permanent beta.

Early 2017 HartLogic came up with an idea to make a simpler process to make users understand our platform easier by categorizing our service based on what user needs. We introduce the categorization of our service and create a massive upgrade to all of our websites after almost three thousand web updates, user experience test and renovation (2.741 and 6.321 user experience test to be exact). We announced HartLogic For You: HartLogic For People, HartLogic For Partner and HartLogic For Business for the first time in July 2017.

To The Infinity and Beyond

This time, the world was ready and the numbers worked. HartLogic final website launched in August 2018 with three things that we do inside the entrepreneurship platform. First is HartLogic Solution that focuses to provide solutions in your entrepreneurship journey to the creation of HartLogic Ventures to expand our services and create a better life by executing dreams, and the HartLogic Foundation of philanthropy to help those who need, we want everyone to have a chance.

(Back then in 2012, HartLogic was only a consulting agency who help business to develop websites, create event, design, and solve marketing problems that operate in Bernhart Farras’s bedroom in his free time).


Fun Fact

Hartroopers who have a passion to build a party inside HartLogic Network and transform a social idea into a real impact.

  • Logical is a code name for a Hartooper who joins a Logical House in HartLogic
  • Hartrooper can only join one Logical House per 1 year
  • Every Logical Member will be given one mission at a time
  • Logical House organization structure is FLAT so there’s no boss, no supervisor
  • In every Logical House, there’s only one House Leader

From the beginning of why I build HartLogic, I am alone, tons of people judge me, there is so much challenge that I have been through, even at first my parents didn’t want me to do this because they want me to work in a big multinational corporation.

At that moment my brain agrees with my parents based on what they said about great monthly salary and sustainable life with a good career path. While my heart inside said nobody can guarantee it’s the safest area and I want to do more for people in my one only life.

Bernhart Farras, President of HartLogic


HartLogic is an actual story of Bernhart Farras in his entrepreneurship journey. The name “HartLogic” comes from a combination of two words, “Hart” and “Logic”. Hart stands for how we feel and create a decision in our heart and Logic stands what we think of our brain that affects why we join a cause with logical thinking. Combining this two philosophy, HartLogic creates an entrepreneur who has a business logic with a social heart.

Business Logic
with Social Heart


HartLogic has two part of the HartLogic logo. Symbol and text. HartLogic symbolic logo comes from a combination of one circle, two half-circle cut rectangle, and a blank space. If you see the details on the logo you could spot this:

  • The circle is the core. It represents a symbol of entrepreneurship.
  • The two half-circle cut rectangle is the power. It represents a symbol of social and business that support the core.
  • The blank space is a space, It represents a symbol of unlimited innovation.
  • The combination representing a satellite in the space, It represents our vision supporting entrepreneurs around the world.


There’s a various reason HartLogic use monochrome (black and white) color. Let’s discuss the philosophy first.

Black is visually heavy. Its message is therefore very strong. Black’s most common association is power, authority, and strength. It is for this reason that too much black can become overwhelming. White is considered safe and open. White is directly linked to that which is righteous, good and peaceful. Furthermore, white projects clarity, safe, cleanliness (doctors in white coats), purity (wedding dresses) and salvation. White is said to promote creative thought (a blank whiteboard) and is also synonymous with fresh beginnings. As a positive, clear and open color, white can direct communication in a powerful way.

In conclusion, here are the biggest reasons why we choose monochrome color:

  • Simple: Easy to navigate and modern
  • Dynamic: with white transparent logo, we could input any color into the logo
  • Universal: Everyone is able to see & every computer can recognize the same color
  • Cost efficient: While other use more than 2 colors. We can save budget with one color only.
  • Yin & Yang: Like our logo philosophy, we want to balance business and social


  • Enabling collaboration is our core.
  • Help people is our power.
  • Create an unlimited impact is our space.


  • The core (circle) represents HartLogic Ventures.
  • The space (blank space) represents HartLogic Foundation.
  • Combined, The satellite represents HartLogic as a brand of organization who support entrepreneurs around the world.


Minimize competition and create collaboration.
If we can collaborate to win together, why do we have to compete? With collaborations, we can help each other to build our future with the same vision and mission. Expect the amazing things will be happened when we form collaborations instead of competition.


Diversity leads to innovation. So we encourage our employees, app developers, and suppliers to bring their perspectives and ideas to work every day.


Building Open and Honest Relationships With Communication.

Our main goals are helping other to create help to help!
We are always keen to help you make your dreams come true. However, don’t let it stop just from HartLogic to You. Let’s make the domino effect where HartLogic helps you to success and you help others to success or even more.

Implementing ‘Reduce, Reuse & Recycle”.
We reuse and recycle the technology and best practices (process) in HartLogic to accelerate the development of other startups. Implementing it can reduce the cost, burden, and possibility to break the security system.


Putting people first, we believe that a great team and individuals makes a great company. That’s why we always encourage, inspire, listen and implement the best thing we can do for our team. By mentioning team we mean family.

Our people are pushed to embrace and drive change. You must Pursue Growth and Learning. We believes in the power of the individual to create great things. This is what our product enables and our marketing celebrates.


We believe in the simple and executable solution, not complex. We want people to see what we do as simple as possible. We also encourage to do more with less.

Balancing business and social values.
Creating a business with clear values is always great. We believe if we can balance the values between business & social, we can make greater impacts to our business and society.


We concern the truthfulness of origins, attributes, commitments, sincerity, devotion, and intentions.


Life is too short to not enjoy it and YES! You only LIVE ONCE. So make sure that you achieve your goal and have fun through the process. Create Fun and A Little Weirdness. Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded.

Your improvements, profit, impact is our success parameter

We collaborate to win together
The first and only, one-stop entrepreneurship aggregator. With brand focus only on entrepreneurship.

Help first gain profit along the way
Almost zero products price the cheapest in the market. Using fixed, variable, royalty, pay as you wish, barter and shares pricing system.

Create impact everyday by always creating a scalable and sustainable business
Easy to access, convenience, also provide a minimum risk for our partners.


HartLogic’s global headquarters are in Bandung Barat, Indonesia. HartLogic Indonesia offices are in Jakarta, Bandung, and Depok. International HartLogic offices are located in Germany (Coming soon).


Website is currently available in 2 languages: Indonesia, English.


HartLogic has more than 10 full-time employees (more than 5 in the Bandung Barat Area) with offices in 3 cities around the world. HartLogic started off 2017 with about 5 full-time employees worldwide, up from around 3 at the beginning of 2016 and 1 at the beginning of 2012.

HartLogic HQ

As a global company, HartLogic is organized into geographic regions. Each area has a headquarters that serves as the hub for regional activities, including sales, business development, and marketing. The international HQ is located in Indonesia. Generally, you’ll find finance, human resources, sales, software engineers, designer and management positions in HartLogic headquarters.

IT Center

The engineers and solution managers in our IT centers and datacenters design, deploy, manage, troubleshoot, and support HartLogic’s global IT infrastructure. Our work impacts millions of users through a service like solution, foundation, and ventures. We support entrepreneurs and Hartroopers through our own internal IT operations.

Operation Center

We process the millions of transactions that keep HartLogic running smoothly. We’re responsible for software manufacturing and fulfillment, electronic software distribution, volume licensing, and other logistical support activities. We also manage channel partner and customer contracts, train and pay employees, and invoice customers and partners.

Research Lab

The top minds in computing and the social sciences call our research labs home. Our work environment is friendly and collaborative, yet focused and intense, and we actively cooperate across labs. That means you’ll have the opportunity to experience and participate in advances coming out of our labs all over the world.

Incubation Center

In Hartlogic incubation centers, founders—including mentor, hustler, hipster, and hacker—are busy solving problems and develop a business that will create opportunities for millions of people worldwide. We’re working on new releases of the solutions you already know and incubating ideas for business you may not have imagined. The workplace is dynamic and high-tech yet casual.

Entrepreneurship Center

HartLogic entrepreneurship center is the first place to experience entrepreneurship. It’s responsible for student management and personal development. The offices operate as independent subsidiaries. We choose the closest location to our users to be able to use our services and help us understand their needs.

You’re our future.
HartLogic is nothing without our mutual contribution. HartLogic is Us.
We + You

What We do With Our Money

We will invest every single dollar in human resource, technology, and program development. We believe that in order to give the best service we have to first ensure the well being of our employees and enrich their knowledge by giving relevant in-house training and workshops. We also will improve our recruitment process to get the best talents who share the same vision and mission as we do.

As technology is the core of our business, technology development is the basic necessity. We will develop our technology especially our server and cloud to improve our product quality with relatively low cost thus our products could be sold at a very affordable price and cloud be accessible for wider use of society. Because our goal is to help others and be successful together.

Future Office

In the near future, we will build an office that has a structure like our symbolic logo.The core will be the place to connect Hartroopers and users, we will have an auditorium at the first level, coworking space at the second level, meeting room at the third level and command center at the fifth level.

The upper side of power will be an office for the HartLogic Team Builder. The bottom side of power will be an office for the HartLogic Team Growth & Founders, Initiator, Representative, and Volunteer. The space will be use for garden, solar panel, renewable energy and the server will be located in the safest place in each country.

“Hart” and “Troopers”, Hart is part of the first word from our organization name HartLogic and Troopers means a group of motivated, reliable, and passionate people. Combined as Hartroopers means a group of motivated, reliable and passionate people who collaborate as a family in HartLogic Network.

  • Employee: Hartroopers who live in the Head Quarter of HartLogic, we handle the International Management. This organization are managed by president, senior vice president, and vice president.
  • Intern: Hartroopers who live in the Head Quarter of HartLogic, they are learning to become a successful employee in the near future. This organization are managed by the manager and associate.

Our associate are positioned with corporate and public sector clients, advising them on ways to improve efficiency and resolve other business problems. In HartLogic, they have responsibility to gathering information, collecting and analyzing data, and developing recommendations designed to streamline operations and boost profits.

Our leader spend the bulk of their time problem structuring, managing the associate’s individual work streams and synthesizing them into a cohesive analysis. In HartLogic, it means a majority of their time will be spent ensuring that associates are on track, aren’t blocked on any given analysis and are getting the necessary support or training from him/herself. In addition to managing the associates, they’re concurrently synthesizing the output of the work streams and sharing progress updates with the senior team leaders.

Our principal are positioned as the main contact person between the firm and the clients. In HartLogic, their responsibility is to be in charge of several lead consultant teams and to delegate projects to various teams. They hold the client’s hand from the beginning to the end of the project by ensuring that the team addresses the client’s needs as a key part of their job. They also oversee and guide consultant teams during projects as part of their daily doings.

  • HartLogic Sharer: Hartroopers who is able to be a Trainer, Motivator, Speaker, Coach, Mentor.
  • HartLogic Helper: Hartroopers who is able to be an MC, Moderator, Observer, Facilitator, Counselor.
  • HartLogic Crew: Hartroopers who is capable of being Videographer, Photographer, Live Publication Specialist, Make-up artist, Hair Stylist, Sound Specialist, Lighting Specialist, FoH Specialist, Vendor Specialist, Equipment Specialist, Security Specialist, Permit Specialist, First Aid Specialist.
  • HartLogic Influencer: Hartroopers who is capable of being Vlogger, Slogger, Blogger, Plogger.
  • HartLogic Performer: Hartroopers who is capable of being Dancer, Singer.
  • HartLogic National Initiator: A Hartroopers who manage the organization of HartLogic Initiator on the country level. This organization are managed by the prime minister, coordinating minister and minister.
  • HartLogic Province Initiator: An undergraduate or fresh graduate student Hartroopers who manage the organization of HartLogic Initiator on province level. This organization are managed by the governor and vice governor.
  • HartLogic City Initiator: An undergraduate student Hartroopers who manage the organization of HartLogic Initiator on the city level. This organization are managed by the mayor and vice mayor.
  • HartLogic Brand Ambassador: A professional Hartroopers who can explain, represent and have a deep understanding about HartLogic.
  • HartLogic Campus Ambassador: An undergraduate student Hartroopers who promote and represent HartLogic on their campus.
  • HartLogic School Ambassador: A high school student Hartroopers who promote and represent HartLogic in their school.

A HartLogic users representative who gives us insights about how to develop a better product in HartLogic.

  • National Representative
  • Regional Representative
  • HartLogic Program Volunteer: A volunteer Hartroopers who committed for one year and handle a HartLogic Foundation program.
  • HartLogic Project Volunteer: A volunteer Hartroopers who committed for three months and execute a HartLogic Foundation project.
  • HartLogic Event Volunteer: A volunteer Hartroopers who committed for one event from the HartLogic Foundation.