We have been operating, managing, and investing
in market-leading businesses in Indonesia.

We improve the quality of life and realize dreams by:

HartLogic Ventures is a venture builder service from HartLogic which was founded in 2015. As a home for a sustainable entrepreneurship and business series that continues to collaborate to develop together. We see any ideas formed from technology, business, science, design, and art in collaboration.


We’ve built a team of world-class engineers, designers, physicians, scientists, marketers, and investors who work together to provide these ideas exceptional support on the road to success. We help our ventures interface with HartLogic, providing unique access to the world’s best technology and talent.

Founding: We continue to customer behavior in our target market. To create or acquire a venture.

Early: Our functional experts from IT, Marketing, Finance, Management, etc. To create the venture from zero.

Emerging: We collaborate with organizations and partners in certain markets.

Sustainable: We roll the venture into the international market and aim to scale them to # 1.


Ventures that can help the development of entrepreneurship.

Ventures that focused on making innovative products.

Ventures that focused on providing trusted and reliable services.


HartLogic invests in ventures that push boundaries and advance markets.

HartLogic managed a venture by partnering with entrepreneurs who have high tenacity and curiosity.

HartLogic Hartroopers operates the venture directly by providing world-class experience and implementing best practices.

How We Build HartLogic Ventures

  • PT HartLogic Bangun Indonesia can be used by the ventures for domicile, tax and agreement.
  • Competitive Venture with strong foundation: Each HartLogic Ventures processed through HartLogic Incubator. With this, every venture must have a foundation, an MVP and be ready to be accelerated.
  • Centralized information: Management of human resources, content resources, and the press center. We create a platform where every effort can collaborate and share resources to win together.
  • Technological collaboration: Joint project management, cloud storage and other software to support businesses. By sharing we can create lower costs, be productive, and be more integrated between ventures. Centralized digital technology systems for all ventures that create rapid developments in technological.
  • Best practice: Experience combined with knowledge will never be wrong. We have tons of experts with thousands of practical experience to boost your Venture growth.
  • Product heaven: If you make a product venture. We want you to focus on product, brand, and the overall business itself. While we help you to provide logistics support, customer service, and marketing management. 
  • One door for consulting: If you make a consulting venture. Client handling will never be easier than this, we share HartLogic’s Partner Service (PS) team for your clients.
  • Data and profit, not just passion: We believe in businesses that don’t only think about passion. Because in the beginning and finally business needs complete financial, accounting and data collection knowledge. This is sometimes forgotten, even though it is really needed for company growth and investment opportunities.
  • Access to HartLogic Network: Hartroopers, Ventures, Contributor (Initiator, Ambassador, Volunteer), Partners. Personal connection is the best marketing channel.
  • Access to Investor: We bridge the right investor with the same vision with HartLogic Ventures.

Currently, we do not open a public offering, all HartLogic Ventures are selected from the HartLogic incubation program or internal consideration. But you could still submit your venture through ventures@hartlogic.com