Become An Entrepreneur

The secret ingredient that makes HartLogic a great place to work is the people. You will meet a new family who is equally obsessed and passionate with you in what they are doing. You will be surrounded by extremely smart, friendly, and awesome people who will help you whenever you need them and push you to the next level.

At HartLogic, we’re driven to make an impact every day. We connect entrepreneurs with the world’s best knowledge and expert Hartroopers, we help improve critical decisions, sharpen thinking, and drive entrepreneurship forward.

We’re at an exciting time as an organization, with a proven model, established global presence, and a huge opportunity ahead of us for continued rapid growth. We’re seeking those who want to join us in building the HartLogic Platform to create an impact to shape the future of entrepreneurship.

How Hartroopers Work

Working hour

Office hour

Based on office time needed & fixed

Based on project


Working location

You will work from HartLogic office.

you only have to come to the office for 1 or 2 days per week.

you could work anywhere, welcome digital nomad.

Career type

Building the organization

As an organization that’s constantly moving forward, we’re seeking to continuously improve our organization and the service we provide entrepreneurs. Our Builder responsibility leads this charge throughout key functions including Finance and Legal, Operation, and Information & Technology.

  • You’re the engine of HartLogic
  • Work to running & improving the organization
  • Working scheduled based on the organization
  • No license
  • Work at the area of Finance & Legal / Operation / Information & Technology
  • Builder can also become Consultant


Make an Impact

Our revenue-generating epicenter, it is Consultant’s responsibility to solve entrepreneurs problem. Everyone is “always on,” responding to entrepreneurs requests and changing circumstances. In a typical day at the entry level, you’ll take briefs, research sectors, identify, engage, and assess experts, and recommend them to entrepreneurs. Over time, you’ll also mentor and manage a team, grow accounts, win new clients, and run your own book of entrepreneurship.

  • You’re the fuel of HartLogic
  • Work to maintain entrepreneurs & solve problems
  • Working scheduled based on project
  • Held a license and renewed yearly
  • Work at the area of Consultant
  • Consultant cannot become Builder

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