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The community built by HartLogic network which is connected globally and operated by Community Caretaker.


  • Group: Join the group of people with the same interest
  • Connector: We help you to connect with a person with the same interest
  • Forum: Discuss certain topic directly via online forum
  • Search for Partners: Find partners & create collaborations in HartLogic Community to form Business, Movement and Competition Join You.
  • Information: If you are in doubt and want to confirm a question or topic, you can directly from your friends at the HartLogic Community and you will get a newsletter from us.
  • Event access: The only way to get access to HartLogic Community Gathering events and get exclusive invitations by HartLogic.
  • Special discounts, promotions, and vouchers from HartLogic Partners to support your entrepreneurial journey


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Get connected at Community Gathering, Idea Sharing, Workshop, Study Tour, Conference, and Organization Activity

Pursuing the vision of HartLogic, “Supporting Entrepreneurs around the world”, gives some distinct challenges for the team. We, HartLogic, have prepared the missions to bring the vision into a reality. One of the implementations of our missions is through conducting the events.

HartLogic has prepared some events for the Entrepreneurs to participate, join and even to organize them. These events are not limited to a mere event conducted by HartLogic, it is about how HartLogic provides access to people involving more in various ways of being the Entrepreneurs.


A public event, An immediate announcement about important progress in HartLogic. Presented using video and press releases.


  • HartLogic Builder
  • HartLogic Contributor Initiator
  • HartLogic Contributor Ambassador


  • Organization intro
  • Progress update
  • Future plan


Once per month

A private event , meet your family


  • Introduction about event
  • Introduce the overall job of Hartroopers
  • Presentation by each Hartrooper


Once per month

A private event , Ask a question to Hartroopers to get a valid answer. We conduct a press conference to boost our press releases coverage and clarify cases.


  1. Present a press releases/address an issue (60-120 minutes)
  2. Question and answer (60-120 minutes)
  3. Conclusion (10 minutes)


We only conduct a press release when there’s something to announce or clarify.

A public event, Hartroopers visited several places, especially university, school, and educational institution to get connected.


  1. Open up a booth
  2. Introduction about HartLogic
  3. Registration for career / contributor


Once per year for four months

A public event, get inside our office and know us more, finding out what we do and how we do things. Meet Hartroopers and get to know more about HartLogic HQ office. Listed below are some of the benefits of attending an open house

  1. Identify how to communicate effectively in a business environment (internal & external).
  2. Understand the importance of the presentation skills and public speaking in the business world.
  3. How the departments within an organization such as Human Resource, Accounting & Financial, Marketing, and Sales join their forces to achieve the business’ goals and meet deadlines.
  4. How important it is for each organization, the existence of a corporate culture and CSR strategies.
  5. The scope of internal policies and how they can be applied to benefit the organization.
  6. How to work and to collaborate with others in teams.
  7. Develop networking skills.

Time: 4-8 hours

  1. Introduction about how HartLogic run the organization and services(60 minutes)
  2. Office tour, see our history and facilities (30-120 minutes)
  3. Enjoy free food and beverages (30-60 minutes)
  4. Group discussion, networking and activities (60-120 minutes)
  5. Meet Hartroopers and see how we work (60-120 minutes)
  6. Q&A Session (30 minutes)


  1. Q1: January
  2. Q2: April
  3. Q3: July
  4. Q4: October

A public event, HartLogic Expo is the annual event to celebrate the dies natalies of HartLogic on every May. Read more at


  • The President of HartLogic
  • SVP Operations
  • SVP Technology
  • The CEO of the new venture from HartLogic Ventures
  • Best Prime Minister of HartLogic Initiator
  • Best HartLogic Brand Ambassador
  • Best Community Caretaker
  • Best Program Volunteer
  • Most loyal entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurship Awards Winner


  1. Campaign
  2. Presentation
  3. Member Success Story
  4. Hartroopers Announcement
  5. Entrepreneurship Awards
  6. Press conference


Once per year