Impact. Entrepreneurship.

HartLogic develops global foundation in order to create opportunities for people without discrimination.

Supported by Generous. Encouraged by Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship to create a better world, by not only giving directly but providing ways for sustainability.
  • Starting from the programme of HartLogic Contributor (HartLogic Initiator, HartLogic Ambassador, and HartLogic Community Caretaker), which has been going on for several years.
  • Coupled with HartLogic‘s initiation to hold a CSR procurement for HartLogic Initiator.
  • This programme triggered HartLogic to establish a foundation to share in order to create opportunities for all without discrimination.
  • HartLogic believes that this foundation will be supported by philanthropists and encouraged by entrepreneurs.
  • Crowdfunding
  • Awards
  • Scholarship
  • Program

Let us together build the entrepreneurship by joining as:


HartLogic Initiator

Have the ability of industry, professionalism, leadership, organization and be an experienced student, and achievers. Develop yourself, create collaboration, and begin to have a real impact based on entrepreneurship with a social heart.

HartLogic Ambassador

Have the ability to self-image (personal branding), diplomacy, and public speech (public speaking). Develop yourself, get connections, and compensate and become a HartLogic representative in expanding entrepreneurship.

HartLogic Community Caretaker

Connect with entrepreneurs in your area. Get the latest information on entrepreneurship, business and social projects.


creates content that is rich in ideas, inspirations, and knowledges.

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HartLogic supports all social responsibility program. It plays a role in improving the welfare of the community, protecting the environment, and providing scholarships for underprivileged children.

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HartLogic open as much as possible to collaborate with each of our activities as a provider of financial and non-financial needs in order to build brand awareness and create mutual exposure.

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