Think of HartLogic as host of an inspiring content, with the amazing source, inspirational videos, brilliant sound, and mind-blowing experience. By contributing to HartLogic, you will have the opportunity to create a truly unique content that will unleash new ideas, inspire and inform.

Let’s contribute and make our platform more complete. By joining as HartLogic Volunteer, you will experience amazing thing could happen when you help people.


  • Author
  • Reporter
  • VO
  • Translator


  • Create a social campaign
  • Facilitator at HartLogic Incubator Entrepreneurship program
  • Crew at HartLogic Public events


  • director
  • editor
  • scriptwriter
  • talent
  • One Time: one event
  • Short Term: 3 months
  • Mid Term: 6 months
  • Long Term: 1 year
  • Video: Single Insights, Web Series, Talkshow
  • VO:¬†Create a voice recording: From Insights or Book


If you have a question regarding HartLogic volunteer, send us an email to with HL Volunteer as s the subject.