Enabling Effective Thinking

We connect our clients with relevant knowledge-holders for direct, confidential
interactions, enabling them to address a variety of business challenges. Whatever
industry, market or geography, we typically tend to help clients in the following areas:

Technology, Content, Marketing & Communications

Case Example 1

Go-to-Market Planning, Global Alternative Energy

An alternative energy company headquartered in Asia is finalizing its go-to-market strategy in 19 different countries across Europe. Although an expert in the space in their home region, our client is less familiar with local market dynamics in Europe, particularly around distribution, installation and regulation.


HartLogic arranges a European market exploration trip with over 100 telephone consultations in preparation, and over 20 meetings during the client’s 3-week trip. Local industry advisors include:

  • Distributors and other potential business partners
  • Installers and other end clients
  • Regulatory experts with local understanding
  • Former executives of key incumbents in each market


Local Familiarity: Our client extends its network in Europe and gains valuable insight into the unique regulatory, distribution and marketing challenges in each market.

Key Acquisition: In-depth, face-to-face consultations with local experts enable our client to identify and then quickly execute a strategically relevant acquisition, giving them a leg-up in a large potential market.

Legal, Management, Finance