Reasons to join:

  • Venture Setup: All of HartLogic Ventures will be processed through HartLogic Incubator. We also support our venture to use all of our services.
  • Basic Venture Needs: We create a platform where every venture could collaborate and share resources to win together. For example domain, server, press center, and other digital services are supported by Pranala, eCommerce supported by samemiro also productivity supported by Benina Group.
  • Best practice: Experience combined with knowledge will never be wrong. We have tons of experts with thousands of practical experience to boost your Venture growth.
  • One core tech for All: Joint Project Management, Human Resources, Cloud Storage, and other software to support business. Sharing creates reduced costs, becomes productive, and more software.
  • Shareable technology: A centralized digital technology system for all ventures that creates rapid development in technological growth.
  • Product heaven: If you make a product venture. We want you to focus on product, brand, and the overall business itself. While we help you to provide logistics support, customer service, and marketing management. This could happen because we share samemiro resources.
  • One door for consulting: If you make a consulting venture. Client handling will never be easier than this, we share HartLogic’s User Service (US) team for your clients.
  • Pick the right talent: Looking for co-founders or employees? we have a database.
  • Access to Investor: We bridge the right investor with the same vision for you.

Currently, we do not open a public offering, all HartLogic Ventures are selected from the HartLogic incubation program or internal connection. But you could still submit your venture through